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Week two is in the books and we’re getting closer to running on all cylinders as a building. Many thanks to Mrs. Jones, Ms. LaQuay, and Mrs. Maguda for a successful STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) relaunch. The students that I spoke to in the hallway were excited about their upcoming STREAM learning experiences. This block makes our grade level meetings (PLC’s) possible and we’re all thankful for the weekly professional development time for our teachers.

End of the Day Student Pick-up

This week we tweaked our building’s dismissal protocols to make things safer for all of our students. Parent/Guardians that pick their children up at the end of the day are asked to park in the Carter Street parking lot (located behind the building off of Jefferson Street). Students will be delivered to cars waiting by the district entrance or parents waiting by the district office. Students will be available for pick up at 2:45. Parking behind the school will help families avoid the busses as they leave our campus. If you need to pick your child up prior to end of the day dismissal you will do this at the elementary office. Please send a written note if there are any changes to your child’s daily dismissal routine. Thank you for your continued cooperation! 

Father Power! Actively involved fathers are a positive force in the lives of their children and their community. Dads Take Your Child to School Day is an event that promotes father involvement by encouraging fathers and significant male caregivers of all kinds to take their children to school. Bring your child(ren) to school on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 and find out more ways to be involved with your child(ren’s) education. Refreshments will be served in the Middle/High School cafeteria. There will also be a raffle for a chance to win a Kindle Fire. This event will begin at 7:30 and end at 8:00. Come and enjoy a doughnut with us!

Don’t forget, this coming Tuesday is also Picture Day!

Mr. Rick Weinberg our Director of Information and Technology is beginning a Robotics Club for students in grades second and up. If your child is interested in science, computers, coding, design robotics… this extracurricular activity might be right up their alley. The first meeting will be this coming Wednesday, 9/20. Please look for Rick’s letter and send back the permission form this coming Monday if you are interested. This will allow us to arrange transportation prior. The club will meet after school and dismiss at 5:15 the first week.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mr. Oldham
Elementary Principal   


I hope that each of you had a wonderful first week back. Our school is finally alive again. Students and teachers are excited to be back as we begin this year’s journey together. Each September is a rebirth with a fresh slate and new possibilities. Let’s make this year our best yet!
All parents and families are invited to the annual Title I Parent Meeting to learn about Title I and Academic Intervention Services (AIS). The meeting will be on September 26th, 2017 from 5:00-5:30 in the elementary library. If you would like a copy of the information contact Krystal Fuller at or (716) 257-5546. 

This past Wednesday we had our 2017 Opening of School Assembly. The assembly began by recognizing students that participated in our summer reading program. Next year we will be looking to expand on the solid foundation that was laid this summer. Mrs. Illig presented this month’s character trait: “hard work”. Students learned about Axelrod the Ant and how a tiny ant can move mountains with “hard work”. I reviewed our school’s honor code with the students discussing what it looks like in different settings.

      CLV Honor Code

      I will be Respectful
      I will be Responsible
      I will be Safe

We finished the assembly by previewing this year’s reading challenge. There will be a school-wide reading celebration each quarter when our building quarterly goal of 4500 books is met. Kindergarten-first grade will be responsible for reading 15 books each quarter, and second-fourth graders will be responsible for reading 20 books. Jared Campbell will be visiting our school when we reach our first quarter reading goal.

Wait, who is Jared Campbell? Jared Campbell is an award winning singer/songwriter from upstate New York and has been traveling the country   performing for thousands of people and hundreds of schools over the past decade.     
Jared's visit last year was a highlight for many of our students. We look forward to welcoming him back after crushing our first quarter reading goal!
Dear CLV family,
I hope that your summer has been relaxing and filled with many adventures. It is only the beginning of August and I'm already getting excited for September 5th. When I was a kid, there were two nights that I had trouble sleeping - one was Christmas Eve, and the other was the first day of school. I am down to one, and can't tell you how excited I am for the new year. We are about to embark on a new journey together and I have a feeling that this is going to be the best one yet!
We know that a missed day of school is a lost opportunity for students to learn. This year Chronic Absenteeism is going to be a focus in the elementary school. Your child's daily, on-time attendance in school is critical to his or her success in school and in life. It's understandable that some challenges to your child's school attendance are unavoidable, such as illness or a family emergency. However, it's important to understand the impact of absences from school, especially if they become frequent. Chronic absenteeism, typically defined as missing 10 percent (18 days) or more of a school year - as few as a couple of days per month - can cause your child to fall behind in school. Absences can add up and impact your child's reading, writing, and math skills, which will have a negative effect on his or her future.
While chronic absenteeism can be especially harmful to children in preschool and kindergarten, you also should know that any student who is chronically absent at any grade level is less likely from graduating high school or going on to succeed in college.
Families are their children's first, most important, and longest lasting teachers, advocates, and nurturers. Take the following action steps so that your children can develop a more positive attitude toward school, stay in school longer, have better attendance, and overall rewarding school experience. Parents and Families Should:
  1. Make getting to school on time everyday a high priority in your family.
  2. Talk with your child about the importance of school attendance from an early age and the negative effects of too many absences.
  3. When necessary, create a safe space for your child to share what's keeping them from participating in school on a regular basis.
  4. have a back-up plan for getting your child to school when there are difficulties with transportation, family illness, or other challenges.
  5. Schedule doctor and other appointments for after-school hours whenever possible.
At the beginning of the September, a committee of teachers, parents, and administrators will meet to draft specific protocols for helping support students that are in danger of chronic absenteeism. We will also be implementing strategies to reward students that are here and ready to learn. Please check back in September for more information. I look forward to working together to provide opportunities for our children to succeed and grow.
Yours in education,
Mr. Oldham 
 Greetings wolf-pup family and friends,
This year we are going to avoid the "summer slide". Please make weekly trips to the library a part of your summer vacation. Have your kids create manageable summer reading goals and make reading a family tradition! Taking two months off without text exposure will result in a loss of the reading gains made. All of our students worked extremely hard this year and the results were celebrated by all in June. Give your kids a leg up by continuing to read over the summer.
During the final weeks of June, grade level teams and special area teachers met to review student data and begin the process of creating groups of students for next year. We examined academic factors, social skills, class composition, and student services. The goal was to create the best group of students possible (for each child). There are many moving pieces and this process involved input from grade level teachers, special area teachers, service providers, and administration. Please contact me if you would like to share any additional information about your child. Class assignments will be mailed out during the second week of August.
Supply lists for the 2017-2018 school year have been posted at the link to the left of this page. The elementary website will also continue to be updated as we transition into the next year.
Thank you for your continued support and keep reading!
Mr. Oldham 

 Micah J. Oldham

Elementary Principal